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What does it truly take to become successful in your entrepreneurial ventures? Well, you will discover the most important aspect of running a business, the four characteristics that today’s guest looks for in an entrepreneur for investment and why the business model canvas is the best tool for startups to utilize.

Rupert Meghnot is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Burnout Game Ventures.

Show Notes

The Most Important Aspect of Running a Business

Developing the process that create good products and services is the most important aspect of running a business. Once you do this, you can practically own the world. And this is what Rupert is doing for game studios: they provide the people needed, out-of-pocket expenses such as software and hardware essentials, and the marketing.

Characteristics of a Success Entrepreneur

Before Rupert’s company decides on investing in a game studio, they look for certain qualities to ensure that they have a strong entrepreneur as not to put efforts to waste. A successful entrepreneur should be strong in these four characteristics:

  • Risk Tolerance – if you are not willing to risk enough things in your life for your business, then you won’t be helping it.
  • Resilience – you will get knocked down and dragged out every single day. Get back up.
  • Initiative – get up in the morning and just go, go, go. Even if you don’t know what to do, have the initiative to ask others for help.
  • Creativity – this is not just limited to the game itself but also in the project management.

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