Mind Blowin’ Case Studies

We are at the forefront of app marketing. We have an arsenal of marketing strategies for startups and enterprise clients that help you minimize your budget and maximize your downloads. Our advanced strategies have helped clients get featured by Apple, 5X downloads using App Store Optimization and drive insanely low cost downloads.

Apple Features

While the odds are against you, we’ve understand what Apple and Google want to see from their featured apps. We come up with creative strategies that have helped 12 clients be featured by Apple in the last 16 months (as of May 2017).

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App Store Optimization for Downloads

From optimizing your app name, keywords, description and App Store reviews, our advanced ASO strategies have consistently increased downloads for our clients from 20-400%.

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By optimizing the app name and keywords, we increased downloads for netTALK messaging app by 400%.

App Store Optimization for Keyword Rankings

Our arsenal of ASO strategies that have helped our clients go from #102 to #1 in keyword rankings and increased downloads of 292%. If you have a great app, we will help your customers find you organically.

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Growth Hacks (Low CPI)

We stack our favorite growth hacking strategies to help you maximize your downloads. Our favorite growth hack is the Paid-to-Free campaign which has generated 100,000 downloads, increased keyword rankings, improved cross-promotional downloads and made multiple apps trend in the App Store search.

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Using the Paid-to-Free strategy, we drove 96K downloads for Loose Leaf over one weekend.

Influencer Marketing

We choose under-priced social media platforms that have your target audience to drive low cost downloads. Our influencer marketing campaigns have driven downloads for as little as $0.29 and have become a trending app in the App Store search.


Using musical.ly, we increased downloads for King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare by 62% with a CPI of $0.29.