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This is the #1 question I get! How do I launch an app with a very, very, very limited budget?

Trust me I am 100% empathetic to those who are asking the question!

I was there in 2012 when I was making just a few hundred dollars from apps. I had no clue what I was doing. I knew how to make the apps but had no idea how to actually make money from them.


The problem is NOT that you have no money to market the app.

The problem is that you are spending the money on the wrong things. Or are not thinking outside the box.

Maybe you spent it all on development. Or you know how to code but hate marketing and don’t have any extra funds that you can pull from your full-time job.


I give you two simple ways you can launch an app on a budget.

1. Hustle – this blog post gives you all the strategies that we would execute for you and shows you exactly how to do it.

2. Have an abundance mindset – watch the video above to hear how a friend of mine was stuck in a situation where he did not have enough funds to pursue his “main” app and how finding a way to make money lead him to selling his old app portfolio for mid-five figures.

And this applies to those without an existing business.

Gary Vaynerchuk has a $20,170 flip challenge where he tells his audience to make $20,170 selling things on eBay that are either in your home or that you find at a garage sale.

I believe we have many opportunities in front of us, we just have to find them. If you feel like you don’t have enough money to hire an expert and you want to hire an expert then figure out a way to make more money. Do you have skills that others want to hire? Or are there things around the house that you can sell on Craigslist or eBay?

However, if you’re like me, and are more interested in hustling and figuring things out on your own, then here are all the various strategies that we would execute for you in chronological order from pre-launch to post-launch.

1. Know the App Launch Timeline

Here are some important dates that you must know to ensure a successful app launch.

2. Pre-Launch

What are the things you should be thinking about before you launch your app?


3. Launch

Here are things you should be doing a week before launch and during the week of launch.

4. Post-Launch

These are campaigns we would run shortly after launch or any time we needed to inject more cost-effective downloads.

Did we miss anything? Are you interested in seeing a strategy on here? Leave a comment below and we will create a blog post to answer your question.


  • Nick Paxford says:

    Great that you make these tips and resources available in such an accessible way. I really need to get my head around these strategies. Cheers!

  • Pushpraj Singh Verma says:

    Very impressive and wise article!! The ways you told here is an efficient way to market your mobile app. There are some more other ways to promote your app like email marketing, offline marketing & advertising, article posting, ads campaigning, ebook (pdf – ppt) making, videos sharing etc. But you should know the app launch timeline: pre-launch, ASO, launch and post-launch strategies. Here you can find another article that stands specially written for promoting your app in the market.

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